How to Donate

Donate through PayPal:


Donate through DonorBox:


If you'd like to donate items, please email us at


We are looking for these BRAND NEW items:

  • Handmade Bows
  • Handmade boys & girls clothes of all sizes 
  • Boutique boys & girls clothes of all sizes 
  • Handmade Blankets
  • Handmade/ Small Business Hair care products
  • Handmade jackets
  • Boutique jackets
  • Handmade shoes of all sizes
  • Boutique shoes all sizes
  • Boutique luggage or duffle bags
  • Store Gift cards (Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.) for decor only
  • Small shop gift cards for clothes
  • if you have other items you'd like to donate, please send us an email!